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Welcome to GSM-Energy Limited. We are a leading supplier of solar energy equipment, providing sustainable solutions for businesses and events. With our state-of-the-art solar panels and battery storage systems, we help commercial businesses reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy costs. Our mobile battery storage units are perfect for events, providing reliable and clean power for lighting, sound systems, and more. Whether you need solar energy for your business or a temporary power solution for an event, GSM-Energy has you covered.

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GSM-Energy was set up to develop, install and manage solar with battery solutions with a focus on commercial businesses as well as social, community and local authority buildings.

The focus is not only on traditional roof solar with associated battery but also the development of portable battery systems.


The GSM-Energy portable storage system enables short term solutions even just for a few weeks for events or for 1 or more years. Enabling customers to benefit from electricity even off-grid or they can attach battery to their existing solar or other renewables to increase their electricity efficiency and reduce their energy costs. These solutions are a simple rental and/or charge for electricity used. They can be for a back-up for security reasons in case of the risk of grid electricity outages.


Our Services

Solar Panels on Roof

Solar Battery Solutions

All our solar battery solutions for roofs are available as a PPA (power purchase agreement) solution whereby the customer only pays for the electricity they use generated from the solar battery system. There is no charge to the customer for the equipment, installation, maintenance or future upgrades. The customer simply pays for the electric they consume directly from the solar system or via the battery. The PPA charge for electricity consumed by the customer will usually be 20% to 30% below that of the existing grid supplier providing a significant saving to the customer.   The customer simply agrees to use electric from the solar battery system before using any grid electricity for an agreed period of term (usually 20 years).

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Portable Battery Systems

Portable battery systems, often referred to as energy storage systems (ESS) or mobile energy storage, are designed to store and deliver electrical energy where and when it is needed. These systems can be deployed for various applications, including backup power, remote or temporary power supply, grid support, and renewable energy integration. 


The key components of portable battery systems include batteries (usually lithium-ion batteries for their high energy density and other desirable characteristics), power electronics, control systems, and sometimes thermal management systems. The integration of these components allows for the storage and efficient delivery of electrical energy.


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